TandyWear’s Guide to the Latest Styles

There is hardly a woman’s closet anywhere that does not contain jeans. Classic denim bottoms, straight leg jeans, women's 90s vintage flare jeans, even jeans that are distressed! Womens’ jeans are the go-to basics that everyone needs. It is true that jeans were developed back in the Old West during the Gold Rush. Prospectors needed pants that could withstand the unforgiving, rocky, dusty, sandy environments where they panned or pickaxed for that precious mineral. Tightly woven, thick cotton denim, dyed with indigo, became a mens’ wardrobe staple. It was not until the 1930s that jeans for women were produced, but being seen in public wearing jeans was not considered socially acceptable until the 1950s. How times have changed! Today, at TandyWear, we offer a range of denim bottoms so vast that we truly have something for everyone!


Discover Vintage Vibes & Denim Delights at TandyWear - 90’s Vintage Flare Jeans, Distressed Women Jeans, and More!

Love vintage? So do we! Take a look at Kan Can’s 90s vintage flare jeans that are distressed, too! Women’s jeans are not just pants, anymore, either! Check out some’s mineral wash shorts. They’re ideal for style and comfort! Need more denim bottoms to round out your Spring/Summer wardrobe? May we recommend Flying Tomator’s ultra-wide leg chambray slacks with a paperbag drawstring waist? For work, play, or a night out, these are the versatile ‘must-haves’ for every woman’s closet. Next, why not break all the rules about wearing denim? Signature 8’s shorts are distressed as well as tri-colored. And their saucy Neapolitan tints are as refreshing as ice cream on a hot day. Looking for another pair of straight leg jeans? TandyWear has them! You’ll be thrilled by our great selection of Vibrant, Flying Monkey, Hidden Tracy, Blue Revival, and more!

If you like a little menswear attitude with your straight leg jeans, consider these great denim bottoms by n.m.i. They offer a hint of the 90s vintage flare jeans that you love, but could pass for genuine Army/Navy store issues if you work in the construction trades or outdoors. Ready for more? We thought so! Chatoyant offers jeans that are not blue – we carry their cropped at the ankle style in the blackest black and whitest white, for a great wardrobe refresh you’ll reach for again and again! Are you a farm girl at heart? Try on a pair of Risen’s straight leg overalls, to pair with a tee, or even a sweater, for a great year ‘round wardrobe option that’s long on appeal and comfort.


Stay Ahead of the Trends with TandyWear's Latest Denim Styles

Well, there you have it, the trending styles you’ll see everywhere this Spring through Summer and beyond. And the only way not to turn green with envy is to be the envy of your friends, co-workers and family with the latest denim styles from TandyWear. ‘Know what else you can find at TandyWear that will keep the peace at home and at work? Pick up a handful of our store or e-gift cards. They make great presents and bridesmaid gifts as well!